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Ready for Dr. Love's Assistant, Clinical Fellow & Supervisor Coaching Program?

Please check out the available services to ensure you are prepared to meet the ASHA 2020 requirements to become a certified provider.

Are you ready for coaching?

See the questions below to find out if you're ready for our coaching program.

Are you a student ready to graduate looking for career advice on whether to go to graduate school or find a work setting?

Are you a supervisor who needs continuing education updates on national certification changes?

Have you always wanted to re-market or band yourself in a different or similar career path or need help addressing the COVID-19 service disruption?

If you answered yes to any of these, please consider joining our coaching program for more information on how we can help.


Paths Towards Coaching at Every Level

The Market That We Serve

Image by Illán Riestra Nava

Universities who must conform to ASHA and Academic Council on Accreditation Standards

Home Nurse Making Bed

Clinics, Schools & Home Health Agencies whose supervisors, fellows and assistants need CEUs 

Coaching Materials

  • YouTube of personnel personal experience

  • ASHA exam prep materials

  • CEUs , which may be interfaced with Home CEUs or CIAO Seminars pre-existing modules on ethics, supervision training, etc.

Discussion & Questions

  • Supervisor, clinical fellow and assistant submission of personal, professional experiences on private, Facebook page upon membership access

If you are a student, professional, licensing agency or university seeking a personalized informational or coaching session in person or teleconference, please visit us here.


  • Coaching

  • Advising at university level of career path (bachelor's or master’s degree program)

  • CEUS in ethics

  • National exam prep


  • Job search assistance

  • Contract negotiations

  • CEUS in ethics

  • National exam prep


  • Coaching

  • Grants

  • Career change advisement

  • CEUS in ethics

  • Speaker/mentor candidacy at the annual membership level


  • Coaching

  • Training tools

  • Self-evaluation

  • Speaker/mentor candidacy at the annual membership level

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