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Dr. Love's Healthcare is a nonprofit, 501c(3) helping multi-licultural caregivers, families and their providers gain continuity and coordination of care for pediatric rehab therapies.

Having Trouble Getting or Continuing Healthcare Services For Your Child as a Caregiver?

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A Child's Care Always Comes First

Our mission is to help multilingual, multi-cultural caregiver families and professionals that serve caregivers gain continuity and coordination of care for pediatric rehab therapies through free, evidence-based, inter-professional, tele-health services and web-based applications. In addition, our mission is to ensure that providers have free materials and coaching resources to provide cost-effective, caregiver-centered rehab services.

Where Are You In The Rehab Therapy Referral Process?


Evaluation and treatment 


Discharge orders written to inpatient rehab (usually multi-therapies needed),  outpatient or home health


Orders received: caregiver is called to schedule evaluation


Treatment after doctor signature and insurance approves (15 -30-day process)


Orders received: caregiver called to schedule evaluation 


Treatment after doctor signature and insurance approves (15 -30-day process)


Johnson, 2018

When your child gets sick, the hospital will evaluate and determine if rehabilitation (rehab) therapy is needed.  If your child previously received rehab services, you may get inpatient services.  Once you are discharged, discharge orders will be written to address swallowing, cognitive, as well as speech and language needs, if length of stay is prolonged.  If your child is school-aged, presenting a copy of the medical report to the school may help determine if there is an educational need for special education services.

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Free Caregiver & Service Provider Resources 


Alternative Therapies

You will be guided to find the food and lifestyle choices that best support you. You will also be helped in making gradual, lifelong changes that enable you to reach your current and future health goals.

Local Behavioral & Social Services

List of local public health organizations that may reside in your community. Texas local public health organizations vary in size and the range of services provided based on availability and type of funding, expertise, and need as determined by the community they serve.


Dr. Love's Assistant, Clinical Fellow & Supervisor Coaching Program

If you want to stay ahead of the national certification changes and increase your marketability, please contact us and join our email list for a video and tour of services, click on learn more.

Motivational Interviewing

Provider counseling resources from The Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), an international organization committed to promoting high-quality MI practice and training.

Special Needs Children National Survey

The Center for Health Statistics (CHS) has released the new Texas Health Data web-based query system, allowing users to query DSHS public health datasets to obtain statistical reports and summaries. 

Alternative Therapies

This link is a provider list of alternative therapies for children with special health-care needs.


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